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弟, おとうと, otouto, Younger Brother. 16. 妹, いもうと, imouto, Younger Sister. 17. 夫婦, ふうふ, fuufu, Married Couple / Husband and Wife. 18. 主人, しゅじん.

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otōto 弟: younger brother; imōto 妹: younger sister; ani 兄: elder brother; ane 姉: elder sister Izanagi addressed his recently dead sister and wife, appropriately.

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Words for family members and other relatives in Japanese. wife, 妻 (tsuma) - inf 家内 (kanai) 女房 (nyōbō) 奥さん (oku youger sister, 妹 (imōto) - inf 妹さん (imōto san) - 義妹 (gimei) 義理の妹 (gishi no mai) - younger. son-in-law, 義理の. English, Japanese (polite) older sister, oneesan. older sister, ane. (polite) older brother, oniisan. older brother, ani. (polite) younger sister, imoutosan. younger.

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