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Very Important Neighbor (VIN) Tickets are discounted tickets to Clearview.

Discounted as much as 40% off the regular evening box office price.

Valid for admission at any Clearview Cinema.

They never expire.

Great as an employee incentive, a special holiday or thank-you gift, or a fringe benefit to any member of your group or organization.

Available in two varieties:

Standard VIN: Cannot be used during the first ten (10) days of a movie’s run. Premiere VIN:Good for any show from the very first day of a movie’s run.

There is a $1.00 per ticket surcharge for VIN Tickets if used at any Clearview Cinema in Manhattan. The $1.00 surcharge must be paid at the Theatre Box Office at Clearview Cinemas in Manhattan.

New Concession VIN Ticket!

22 oz. Small Soda and 85 oz. Medium Popcorn Combo! 

Discounted Price - $6.00 each! 

Regular Price is $9.95!  A Savings of almost 40%!


STANDARD VIN TICKETS @ $350.00 contains 50 standard tickets ($7.00 EACH).
 Qty. of $350.00 booklets

PREMIERE VIN TICKETS @ $400.00 contains 50 premiere tickets ($8.00 EACH).
 Qty. of $400.00 booklets

VIN TICKETS @ $300.00
contains 50 concession vouchers ($6.00 EACH).
 Qty. of $300.00 booklets


VIN tickets may be resold or given away only by your organization and cannot be used when prohibited by the film distributor. Clearview Cinemas is not responsible for lost, stolen or expired tickets. No refund for unused tickets, not for resale by individuals, not redeemable for cash. All sales are final. Minimum order is one (1) block of 50 tickets. Tickets will be shipped to you via 2nd day Federal Express upon receipt of payment in full. There is a $15.00 processing fee, which includes the cost of shipping. If you have any further questions, please call our Group Sales office at 1-908-918-2022.

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