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"The Clearview Classroom" is an exciting new program created especially for learning institutions such as Grammar Schools, High Schools, and Universities. This educational & entertaining program will enable educators to bring students to Clearview Cinemas and reinforce what they have learned in the classroom through the magic of the movies!

    Here's an opportunity to bring your students to the movies:
  • Movies help stimulate class discussion.
  • Movies help embellish any subject, History, Literature, Foreign Language, etc.
  • Movies add imagery and help involve students in the subject matter!
  • Nothing makes an impact quite like a movie does!



Clearview Cinemas would offer any current movie playing a that specific location as well as the ability to watch any DVD provided by your group.

Best of all, your class trip to The Clearview Classroom is extremely affordable starting as low as a $75 rental fee and a $5 per person based on a 50-person minimum!

To receive further information about The Clearview Classroom, please click below. One of our Special Events Coordinators will be in touch with you to set up your special outing!

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